K-769 Energy Booster


K-769 Energy Booster is specially designed into a stylish and elegant pendant with deep sea mineral extracts and enhanced with negative ions.


K-eWrist Band


A BAND FOR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE With the hectic lifestyle in the modern days, it is not easy for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


K-Energy Touch


K-Energy Touch is originated from the pure and natural element of Universe Induced Energy to help the delay of deterioration .


Energy Sticker


By harnessing the useful rays of the universe induced energy the K-Energy Sticker is a specially designed sticker that is small in size.


K-Energy – Black Jade


K-Energy Black Jade is manufactured by using natural black jade infused with Universe Induced Energy (UIE). Does not contain any chemicals.


K-Energy Elegant Jade Ring


K-Energy Jade Ring is manufactured by using natural jade infused with Universe Induced Energy (UIE) to provide unlimited energy and strength.


K-Energy Jade Ring


General health regression, weak upper abdominal and chest muscles in women improve when worn as a pendant with either gold or silver chain