K-eSOCKS (Negative-Ion / Far Infrared)

  • Product ID : QZXAXVV

630(Single Pair)

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Product Information

Bacteria-resistant to prevent foot odour. K- eSOCKS are made of pure cotton and are embedded with Bio-Ceramic which emits far infrared rays and Bio-Energy. The far infrared rays and Bio-Energy can penetrate deeply into the sensitive part of our soles and promote blood circulation. It also helps prevent bacterial growth, eliminate foot odour and itchiness.

K- eSOCKS is an anti-bacterial health socks that helps to maintain the health of the feet. Below are some of the functions of K- eSOCKS:


  1. Promotes blood circulation and enhance the constitution and health of the human body.
  2. Effectively alleviate cramps.
  3. Prevents bacterial growth and eliminate foot odour and itchiness.
  4. Absorbs sweat effectively and maintain the dryness and comfort of the feet.

The true strength of K-eSOCKS :

K-eSOCKS (SINGLE PAIR) - BLACK are designed to enhance your sports performance & promote everyday comfort that is suitable for all. Made with ultra-soft and breathable cotton, infused with Tourmaline to stimulate blood circulation.