K-Virubact(250 ml)

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1,120(250 ml)

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Product Information

K-VIRUBACT provides resistance to a broad spectrum of fungal, bacterial & viral diseases and controls soft bodied sucking pest infestation.

  1. Eugenol is responsible for the strong biological and antimicrobial activities of K-VIRUBACT.
  2. A unique product which acts as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral as well as pesticidal at different concentrations in the spray solution.

7 Stars of K-Virubact

  1. NPOP Organic Certified.
  2. Organic ‘K’
  3. Bio Degradable.
  4. Non-Toxic.
  5. Zero Residues.
  6. 5. Organic ‘K’.
  7. Longer Shelf Life.


The anti-fungal activity is due to lysis of the spores and micelles by Eugenol with the mechanism of actions of membrane disruption and deformation of macromolecules. At 2 ml per Litre water acts as anti-fungal agent in controlling the fungal diseases like Blast, Leaf Spot, Powdery Mildew, Downey Mildew, Early Blight, Fungal Leaf Blight etc. on Paddy, Potato, Tomato, Grapes, Mango, Pomegranate, Papaya and Vegetables.


As anti-bacterial, Eugenol denatures proteins and reacts with cell membrane phospholipids changing their permeability and inhibiting a great number of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. It disrupts the cytoplasmic membrane, increasing its non-specific permeability resulting in damage caused through a membrane and death of the bacterial cell. At 2-3 ml per Litre water acts as anti-bacterial in controlling the Bacterial diseases like Leaf Blight, Leaf Spot, Cankers etc. in Tomato, Potato, Rice, Carrot, Cucurbit etc.


Inhibits viral replication. Directly inactivates the viral strains by interfering with virion envelope structures and masking the viral structures that are necessary for adsorption or entry into host cells. The virus particles after Eugenol treatment greatly expand thus inhibits the post-binding entry of virus particles into host cells. At 2-3 ml per Litre water acts as anti-viral agent in controlling the viral diseases like Leaf Curl Virus, Yellow Mosaic Virus etc. on Chilies, Okra, Tomato, Papaya, Cucurbits, Cotton, Spices etc.


Eugenol being lipophilic in nature interferes with basic metabolic, biochemical and physiological and behavioural functions of insects. Also works through different modes of action including:

  1. Repellent and antifeedant activities.
  2. Disruption of molting and cuticle.
  3. Retardation of growth and fecundity.
  4. Inhibition of oviposition and disruption of embryonic development.
  5. On contact Eugenol penetrates inside the insect body as contact insecticide, also acts as repellent, as antifeedant and affects some biological parameters such as growth rate and oviposition.
  6. Also exhibits neurotoxic mode of action including agitation, hyperactivity and paralysis of the pests by affecting acetyl cholinesterase activity or octopamine receptors.
  7. At 4-6 ml per Liter acts as pesticide in controlling the sucking pests like Mites, Mealy Bugs, White Flies, Scale insects, Thrips, Jassids etc. and other soft bodied pests.

Benefits of K-Virubact

  1. Single Product > Multiple action.
  2. Readily available K source.
  3. Broad spectrum of pests & diseases control activity.
  4. Suppression of viral strains like no other products in the market.
  5. 100% safe
  6. Zero Threat to non target organisms.
  7. Patented Technology.
  8. Based on Ancient "Vrukshayurveda”.

The true strength of K-VIRUBACT :

K-VIRUBACT provides resistance to a broad spectrum of fungal, bacterial & viral diseases and controls soft bodied sucking pest infestation.