K-Magic Shot

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260(100 ml)

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Product Information

K-Magic Shot is a unique silicone based all purpose agricultural spray adjuvant.

7 Stars of K-Magic Shot

  1. Low Surface Tension.
  2. Uniform Spreading.
  3. Good Area Coverage.
  4. Compatible with all types of Agri Chemicals.
  5. High Efficacy
  6. Longer Period of Spray Effectiveness.
  7. Long Shelf Life.

Benefits of K-Magic Shot.

  1. Lower Dosage: 0.25 – 0.50 ml per litre.
  2. Facilitates penetration of spray solution into foliage & in soil.
  3. Improves water quality.
  4. With better efficacy, it brings down consumption of pesticide.
  5. Easily solublizes in water
  6. Helps in better activation of actives.
  7. Increases root depth.
  8. Achieves specific solubility characteristics often referred to as the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB).
  9. Low surface energy hence has a high-wetting power.
  10. Better spreading leads to better protection, which ultimately leads to increased yield.
  11. Improves coverage of the spray, both in the soil and on plant surfaces.
  12. Retention of Herbicides or insecticides on plant surfaces can be increased, extending control and contact.
  13. Keeps sprayer clean, lubricates pump and sprayer nozzles.
  14. Superior root development may be realized due to greater moisture availability in the root zone.
  15. Helps to unlock the power within plant & wide range of agrochemical formulations and nutrition products.
  16. It acts as a performance enhancer.
  17. Many physical or environmental factors limiting the performance of agro chemical sprays can be alleviated or effectively managed.
  18. It reduces surface tension when used in aqueous solution and helps the spray spread uniformly. It can be used with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, foliar fertilizers and other foliar and soil applications on all crops to enhance the efficacy.

The true strength of K-Magic Shot :

K-Magic Shot is a unique silicone based all purpose agricultural spray adjuvant.It has Low Surface Tension and Uniform Spreading.