Frequently Asked Questions

As the name implies it means selling directly to end-consumers. Direct Selling is recognized as dynamic marketing approach to the sale of products and services directly to the consumers through an already enrolled Direct Sellers.

In Direct Selling, Direct Sellers earn money by selling high-quality products and/or services and there is no provision that a Direct Seller will receive remuneration or incentives for the recruitment/ enrolment of new participants. The cost of starting as a Direct Seller is zero.

Money Circulation Scheme means any scheme by whatever name called where in the person has to enroll into the scheme through a already enrolled member gets monetory benefits by subscribing to the scheme by paying for initial kit / member ship amount and purchasing goods and services, where in by this the introducer of the enrolled member will get and the company which promotes the scheme earns quick money.

Our business model is built on personal customer service and product recommendations from K-LINK Direct Sellers. It's a person-to-person business where our K-LINK Direct Seller take care of their customers by giving high quality service and explaining the features, benefits and usage of the products. Hence, our Direct Seller don’t sell products neither in Retail Stores nor online.

We have more than 65 Products in 8 Categories viz. Ayurveda, Health care, Health drink, Health Food, Personal Care, UIE, Household and Agro Products.

There is no cost of joining the K-LINK business.

No, K-LINK Direct Sellers / K-LINK Retailers are independent contractors and not employees of the company.

Direct sellers / Retailers will make money by selling our Products to the Consumers / Customers directly.

No. You can start making money through retail profits without recruiting. Simply, you earn money by selling products directly to the customers.

We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our products, wherever specified.

1. If a customer is not completely satisfied, he/she may return the product to the K-LINK Direct seller / Retailers for a 100% refund for the product within 30 days of original purchase.

2. A K-LINK Direct seller / Retailers can return such products back to the company within 30 days of its purchase. The Product Refund Policy is applicable on saleable products as well as partially used products, wherein not more than 25% of the product has been used.