About Us

K-LINK started its Indian Operation in Chennai during Jan 2001 & slowly spread its business roots to grow rapidly touching almost all states in India. Simple Start & the Proven Products are the Principles that had driven the K-LINK Management during the launch of their Indian Operation.

  • K-LINK International that flourish and operates in more than 50 countries. K-LINK INDIA is the branches of K-LINK International.
  • We are proud to be a direct sales company that is vigorous, idealistic and strategic with the goal of creating a situation of ‘ Win – Win ’ for Direct Seller, customers, staff and our business associates.
  • We operate in a very competitive industry and challenging, which is constantly evolving. Therefore, it is very important for us not to rest on our achievements, we continue to develop new methods and means for sustainable progress, gives its Direct Seller and customers around the world, trust and belief that K-LINK is really "Your Global Link”.
  • ‘Unity is Power’ was the foundation that we made a switch to run a very profitable business, we have always believed that success can be achieved with the co-operation of teams that are very strong. This culture we always strive to grow within our company. Our products consist of Health supplement Products, UIE Products, Personal care, Agro and FMCG.Some of our products are widely known among others K-Liquid Chlorophyll, K-Flax, Kinotakara and Ayurveda Series.
  • K-LINK has a proven system that is able to increase the ability of Direct Seller, in order to succeed in this lucrative business. We continue to grow and thrive and continue to strive to be a Direct Sales Company dominant in India.


  • To improve everyone’s Health & Well-being by providing the most convenient and safe Products to improve the quality of life naturally.
  • To help people live their life independently to explore our Direct Sellers innate potentially.


  • Our Mission is to provide a unique range of Products and to improve quality of life.